Thursday, April 9, 2009


If you were recently wondering why Barack Obama, having been elected months ago, still hadn’t taken down his campaign posters, then you noticed Pepsi’s re-branding campaign. With a suspiciously cynical flare, the great cola maker tweaked the sunrise logo and slapped it into the word “HOPE,” promising to “refresh America.”

Other companies were also grasping for presidential coattails. IKEA swiftly proclaimed that “Change starts at home,” while Southwest Airlines introduced its “Yes You Can” sale in late January, which was slightly less endearing than the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor, Yes Pecan!

I guess advertisers can’t be blamed for following success, but Pepsi has taken its pandering beyond the bounds of taste. In search of other stimulating words that happen to contain the letter O, Coca-Cola’s syrupy sweet stepsister must’ve really extended its marketing research department to come up with “Ho Ho Ho” and “Wow.”

They even considered regional demographics, navigating the complexities of culture and dialect, which is probably why, on our way to the Wal-Mart superstore in Rolla, Missouri, my grandfather and I spotted the following billboard.

And also why, on my way to work, every day for the past three months, I’m reminded that I live in an urban environment, where urban people are just as easily pegged as any hick from Missouri.


Mark said...

Good point. I can't believe that the Obama people haven't protested. Or maybe they have and nothing's happened.

shannon* said...

You know, I remember reading about this. But I can't help but think 1) the new pepsi logo is only slightly different than the old pepsi logo. And 2) The old pepsi logo also looks a lot like the Obama logo, so maybe Obama stole it from pepsi!
P.S. I fully resent the term "Missouri Hick" Bite your native Missourian tongue.

Anonymous said...

If you squint your eyes: it also looks like the comic book guy on The Simpsons.

Angel said...

Good point,seem like Pepsi trying use Obama to make money to me. It's a shame how people can be quickly to jump to a title or lable they no very little about. All they know is it got something they like on it. See what happens when you have very little education the syeteem can ripe you off. I know you glad you got great education or you be a sucker for a name too.