Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Hello, Middlers.

As you can see, it’s been a few months since I put any effort into this blog. All of the hype has died down and the recruiters from various publishing houses are leaving fewer and fewer messages on my voicemail. Part of the reason is that I got some articles into a couple of St. Louis publications and started to think that my days of writing for the public for free were over (I mean…I got paid $35 to write some of those stories!).

Another excuse is that a month ago I migrated out of the Midwest. I savored one last bite of gooey butter cake and moved to Philadelphia, PA, where the quality and character of my soul remain landlocked, but the Atlantic undulates less than a hundred miles away.

It was hard to put that physical distance between me and a few of my favorite loved ones, but I’m now lucky enough to live just a few miles from my sister, Katie, and few feet or sometimes inches from my girlfriend, Danielle. I also have a real job, which is a big change. I’m working for a non-profit "education and technology center," teaching Adult Basic Education and GED courses.

Last week, one of my students brought me my first cheese steak. It was cold and the wax paper was eerily transparent, but I knew I had to eat it. The student considered it a crime that after four weeks I hadn’t yet sampled one of these local treasures. Thankfully, I didn’t have to choke it down in front of her, but facing it alone in my office was almost as scary. Some of the orangish grease got on my shirt and the bread seemed pretty soggy, but I was surprised to find that it tasted really good. And I wasn’t even drunk. So maybe I can survive (until Christmas) without Imo’s.

Needless to say, I have arrived, but what am I supposed to do with the thousand or so Middled business cards I still haven’t handed out? For a minute I considered renaming the site “Middled East,” but that seemed like a failed and meaningless pun. I could just let it die a stale death, which is the fate of so many blogs, but I miss the consistency of sitting down to write without any parameters or expectation.

That said, I’m not sure that I’ll continue in the same vein. I’d like to loosen things up, do less interviewing and restaurant critiquing, and try to put forward some more creative efforts. I’m not sure if that will look like story excerpts or self-indulgent journal entries, but I’ll try to keep it readable.

I hope that wherever you are, you are well and that the gap left in your life when this blog went on pause is now filling up with the most savory sense of renewal. Thanks for checking back in.


Emily said...

Good luck in Philly, Ryan!

shannon* said...

I found this to be hilarious. Especially because I can picture the exact expression on your face as the sauce from the cheesesteak dripped onto your shirt.

Imos, marshmallow malts, gooey butter cake, and all sorts of non-culinary St. Louis treasures will be waiting for you when you come to visit.

We miss you!

Christen said...

Hi there Ryan! It's been years! Sounds like a lot has happened for both of us! It seems you are doing what you love and I pray that you will prosper in whatever you do! As I'm sure you will. I remember you needing more than St Louis had to offer so I am glad to hear that you are traveling!
After traveling a lot myself, I have realized that my home is where I am most inspired to be me. So I pray that you have found where that is. I am a children's book illustrator, and just recently became an author in my new book THe FlYER. (in a Dr Seuss, rhyming, silly kinda way) I am definitely not a legitamate author yet:) But after working to create for the vision of others, I have been doing some creative expresion of my own.
I can definately relate with the need to create with no perameters!
Toss me ideas if you ever need an illustrator! ;) Who knows? my website is
Stay inspired to do great things!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?